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Lost Innocence - Jesús Téllez

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Lost Innocence - Jesús Téllez

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LOST INNOCENCE is a book that every teen today should read. It is set in current times, and is the true story of Karen de la Torre. In this book, we follow the path of her life through the underworld of drugs, teen sex, abortion, and promiscuity. We also discover the consequences that all these things can bring. One of the main topics of the books is a well-known, but ignored, topic - AIDS. AIDS is a disease that takes lives every day. In this book, we will find a clear example of what can happen to any young person who feels immune to this particular disease, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. This book will change your way of thinking by revealing the reality that our society, with its "open mentality" about premature sex, tries to hide. As well as covering these topics, this book brings us closer to the Light of Jesus Christ and reminds us of His infinite love for humanity. It also reinforces that no matter what our sins have been, we can find true forgiveness through Jesus Christ for any sins

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